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My MT5 account is 920046, I have joined since 2/6/2022. When there is a profit on the Exchange which allows you withdraw a few times to make investors believe. However, after that I withdrew 5000 USD and the order was still approved. Initially, it was still deducted from my trading account, but after a few hours, the money will not be returned to my personal account but added to my account. transaction account, this action keeps repeating from last Friday - July 8, 2022 to now (That is, when I withdraw money, initially deduct money from my trading account, but then that amount be added to the account). When contacting the customer service department of the HonorFX Exchange whose number in Vietnam is 1900292920, it is explained that the bank's personal information has errors, the explanation of the customer service officer is not really convincing because I have already successfully withdrawn several times . Currently the amount I cannot withdraw is 88654 USD

After many times writing to the Broker’s support as [email protected] and [email protected] but did not receive a reply, on the afternoon of July 13, 2020 My account was locked (Unable to access the account anymore)

So I post on this page is asking honorfx Exchange to give me my money back. And by the way, participating investors should be careful with this floor and new investors should stay far away from this Honorfx floor.