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win365 casino: HLV Hoàng Văn Phúc không bận tâm chuyện sắp bị Hà Nội thay thế win365 casino


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win365 casino: Coach Hoang Van Phuc does not care about being replaced by Hanoi

win365 casino : Coach Hoang Van Phuc does not care about being replaced by Hanoi

After joining Hanoi in cutting off a three-match winless streak, coach Hoang Van Phuc said he didn't care that Hanoi was about to change in the position of " captain ".

Finally, after a lot of waiting, Hanoi ended the gloomy days with a 4-0 victory over Quang Ninh. It was a match that Hanoi had many difficulties in force, but soon had a good start. “One day before the match, midfielder Duy Manh was stretched causing me to use Dinh Trong. Fortunately, everything went well when Van Dai opened the score early, ”coach Hoang Van Phuc breathed.

Not only scored 1 goal, but Hanoi ended the game with 4 goals. “Hanoi lacks a true striker, so it has a lot to do with scoring previous matches. Even Geovane came back but he couldn't kick, but luckily, the midfielders played well, scoring goals. Remember the previous matches, also because Hanoi could not finish the last stage, Hanoi has had unexpected results, "said coach Hoang Van Phuc.

Over the past few days, the news that coach Hoang Van Phuc will stop training right after round 9 has been spreading a lot. “I have been on the payroll of the Hanoi team for 10 years, so the assignment is decided by the leaders. When I was assigned to replace coach Chu Dinh Nghiem, I obeyed and how things are going, I do not pay much attention ", Coach Hoang Van Phuc said. Recently, Hanoi FC has suddenly revealed the identity of another Korean military leader who will lead the team in the near future, not veteran coach Kim Do Hoon.

On the afternoon of April 11, the homepage of Hanoi FC posted an article titled: "Coach Park Choong Kyun leads Hanoi Football Club". Posting time is April 13, 2021, coinciding with the supposed date of announcement of the new head coach of the Capital team. Thus, it is possible that coach Hoang Van Phuc's chair will be replaced by a new one, although he just helped Hanoi to win after the previous 3 games only drew and lost.

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